Year 6 1940s Experience in October 2019 and

School Journey to Knapp House July 2020

We have two residential trips that take place in Year 6

The first is the 1940’s Experience, based on World War II. This topic is covered both in History and Literacy and this visit is an amazing way of bringing the topic to life and will really enrich the children’s learning. This visit is a 3 day residential trip and is based in Bushey in Hertfordshire. The children will go during week commencing 7th October 2019. One class will go Monday to Wednesday and the other class Wednesday to Friday.

The cost for this trip for 3 days residential stay is £126. This has been put on ParentPay so that you can make payments over the holidays.

The second trip is our annual School Journey in July to Knapp House in Devon. You are able to see the photographs of this year’s trip on the website. This costs approximately £400 but we are currently working on the final cost. This is an activity and fun based trip.

We will be having a meeting in the new school year to explain more in detail about both trips.

We believe that financial reasons should not prevent any child from participating in our school journeys so if there are any issues of this nature to discuss, please see Ms Jones as soon as possible.


Y6 Permission slip for WW2 Trip 

National Child Measurement Programme, and the Healthy Child Programme.


The School Nurse will be visiting Year 6 on Tuesday 2nd October to as part of the National Child Measurement Programme, and Healthy Child Programme. 

Y6 Height and Weight Letter to Parents

Y6 Health Needs Letter