The safeguarding of children at The Blue School is of utmost importance.

If you have any worries in relation to the safeguarding and protection of children please ensure you record and report your concerns. You can either speak to one of our named Child Protection Officers, Ms Jones, Headteacher, or to Mr Guy, Assistant Head, as soon as reasonably possible and please remember the importance of confidentiality with any incident you feel you should report.

From time to time a situation regarding a child is brought to our attention which we are required to investigate, and this may include a referral to other professional bodies. We have a statutory obligation to do this. In doing so, our overriding concern must be for the safety and welfare of the child. This may involve asking questions which some parents may find intrusive. We would be grateful for your cooperation and understanding as we seek to safeguard the best interests of the children we share responsibility for. Thank you.

You can view our Child Protection and Safeguarding policy here.