At The Blue School we believe that reading is a key skill which plays a vital role in every child's education. Reading is an essential tool and a basic necessity in people's lives. We intend to nurture children's ability to read with enjoyment, understand and respond to different genres of literature and enable them to draw upon the printed word throughout life.

Through our teaching of reading we aim for each child to read with fluency, accuracy, understanding, and enjoyment.

Shared Reading

At Key Stage One, children's interest and enjoyment should be developed as they increase their confidence and independence reading.

Shared reading sessions should make explicit phonic, graphic, grammatical, and contextual reading strategies. In this way we can ensure that children do not become over-reliant on a single strategy, but adapt a balanced approach to making sense of a text that will allow them to become successful readers. Lessons should focus on words and sentences and how these fit into whole texts.

At Key Stage Two these principles must be maintained as the children meet with increasingly challenging texts and a greater variety of genres. At this stage it is important to use a variety of materials such as big books, posters and extracts taken from longer pieces. Teachers should, at times, take these extracts from books being read in their entirety to the class to avoid children's experiences of texts being fragmented and patchy.

Guided Reading

Children should be in small groups of up to six and taught a carefully balanced programme of guided reading books matched to their independent reading levels. These can be taken from the available reading schemes or from the range of other books, which have been chosen for their choice of vocabulary, sensible grammatical structure and lively and interesting content. It is now that the teacher has the chance to home in on reading skills at a level particular to each group's skills.

Individual Reading Programme

From the Nursery, all children need to have a reading folder in which to take home their own choice of book regularly. During Reception year children should, in addition to took this "real book", also start to take home a book from the Oxford Reading Tree scheme.

At Key Stage Two children should continue to select their own books to read at home. Those who need the structure and repetition which a reading scheme provides, will have access to appropriate resources. There is a range of other structured reading schemes books from which the teacher can also draw upon in order to provide the best programme to suit individual children.

From Reception class upwards, each child should have a reading record book for children, parents and teachers to note down books read and make comments. The reading record book is a very valuable form of communication between home and school. At Key Stage Two where children are mainly reading independently, reading records should be taken in frequently to monitor and comment in.