Overview and its history 

It started off as a 45 minute  coach journey; everyone was fidgeting in their seats, as they were so excited for the amazing show! When we finally got there - everyone leaped out of their seats and rushed out of the coach. We walked inside the Royal Albert  Hall; it was humongous and the lights were shining down on the stage. As we sat down into our seats and started practising, our voices filled the hall along with many other schools. We did about 10 rehearsals and then we did the actual concert! Everyone loved us! It all sounded great!


Theme of Exodus

The story was about Moses and the Pharaoh’s life and the evil things he did. All of the music went with the play. There were also children acting and dancing along to the songs; we thought they did quite well. The pharaoh looked epic! This acting was all related to the song “Go down Moses”. This was because it was a song about the pharaoh refusing to let his people go; they played a theme whilst the 10 plagues were happening, such as locusts, diseases, such as boils; supernatural or astronomical plagues; such as storms of fire or darkness; and, finally, the tenth plague — the killing of all firstborn Egyptian sons. 

Rehearsals and how we learnt the music

We learnt the music by practising and practising until we knew each off by heart. Miss Jones made sure that we were all ready for the day, and we knew the words!  By the last practice we didn't even need the words - we were on fire! We thought some of the other choirs were quite good as well, especially the Twyford choir! Between rehearsals we were excitedly chatting about the real show thank you soooooo much to Mrs Jones and and all the staff and parent helpers for coming along. We loved it!  

By Jonas and Sophie Y5