Everything we do at The Blue School has our Mission Statement at heart:

Excellence for all.
Excellence by all.
Through the guidance of 
Jesus Christ our Living Lord.


By focusing on this we aim to develop each individual pupil to their full potential in terms of creative, physical and academic pursuits whilst fostering a love of learning alongside emotional and spiritual well-being.



  • We strive to encourage the growth of spiritual and moral values based on the principles of the Christian faith by maintaining a well-disciplined, yet happy and nurturing environment.
  • We wish to instill in our children the desire to respect themselves, respect others and promote a positive attitude to race, gender, ability and background.
  • We place great value on the opinions of each pupil and we aim to encourage our children to share their thoughts and ideas whilst appreciating those of others.

We feel that these aims should increase the capacity for each child’s enjoyment and fulfilment, as well as giving greater awareness of the needs of others.