Mathematics is a core subject of the National Curriculum and is taught in line with the New National Curriculum in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two and in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage in Early Years. Here are some common aims for the teaching and learning of Mathematics.

At The Blue School we aim:

  • To develop Mathematics as an essential element of communication. Children will be encouraged to use mathematical language and concepts in order to describe, explain, predict and interpret their ideas.
  • To foster a positive attitude towards Mathematics and promote enjoyment of the subject.
  • To develop mathematical skills and understanding in all areas of the subject in accordance with the requirements of the New National Curriculum at Key Stage One and Key Stage Two, building on the Early Years Foundation Stage in Early Years.
  • To provide a balance of both concrete handling of materials and recording.
  • To develop children’s understanding of pattern and relationships within Mathematics itself and how the subject provides a systematic way of working.
  • To encourage the learning of facts such as number bonds and tables and to apply their knowledge and skills accurately.

A high value is placed upon maths within the curriculum at The Blue School. During lessons teachers make full use of the interactive whiteboards and children are able to answer questions and play maths activities that help stimulate their learning. Children work, either independently or in groups during lessons and often have the opportunity to work on interactive maths activities on laptops.
In the Foundation Stage, children make full use of classroom resources to develop their mathematical understanding. They use the water and sand trays to work on number skills and work on a range of child initiated activities.

Key Stage One and Key Stage Two teachers use a range of resources to inform planning and follow the Mathematics Programmes of Study from the Department of Education.

Under the guidance from the Department of Education, at The Blue School we are teaching the strands New National Curriculum and focus on the following Strands for teaching Mathematics in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two:

Strands include:
Number – number and place value
Number – addition and subtraction
Number – multiplication and division
Number – fractions
Geometry – properties of shapes
Geometry – position and direction
Ratio and proportion

Children work on learning time table facts both at home and in school. Children receive Maths homework which is linked to learning in the classroom.

Teachers ensure that lessons planned include practical and formal ways of explaining methods.

Children often use ‘Think, Pair and Share’ strategies to help with maths problems. Children use mini whiteboards on the carpet and sometimes work with their ‘talking partner’ to solve problems from the whiteboard.