The school enjoys the support of a strong Governing body made up of representatives from a range of groups including parents, school staff and clergy from the local community. It takes a strategic approach to guiding and supporting the school and monitoring development and improvement.

Message from the Chair 

Stephanie Ajayi Chair Statement

Who's Who

Governor Category of Governor and Appointing Body  Term of Office Link Role Attendance for 2019/20 Attendance for 2018/19
Stephanie Ajayi
Member Governor
5/7/18-6/7/22      2/4
Rev Ali Walton
Vice Chair
 Foundation Governor All Saints'
 N/A  Worship, SIAMs   2/4
Ms R Jones Headteacher
Ex Officio
 N/A     4/4
Rev Richard Frank Foundation Governor
All Souls PCC
15/7/19- 15/7/23 KS2, LDBS Extended Relationships    1/4
Vacant Foundation Governor
All Saints' PCC

Clair Couch Staff Governor 4/11/18-4/11/22 Early Years and SEND    4/4
Paul Camus Foundation Governor
 30/5/17-1/6/21 Music, Arts, PE, Extended Curriculum    1/4
Lavinia Pashley-Wilkins Foundation Governor
St John's PCC
16/9/18-17/9/22 Safeguarding    1/4
Mathew Koster-Marcon Deanery Synod


Christian Kendall-Daw LDBS Foundation  8/10/19-8/10/ 23      -
Jane Francis Foundation
Deanery Synod
05/09/19- 05/09/23 Early Years and SEND    -
Heidi Swindenbank  Parent Governor 30/11/18-29/11/22 Safeguarding   1/4
Chris Dickson  Parent Governor 1/10/19-30/9/23      -
Tara Rodrigues    N/A Clerk to the Governing Body    -



Committee Governors  Attendance 
Finance & Buildings Rachel Jones  
  Lavinia Pashley  
  Heidi Swindenbank (Chair)  
  Richard Frank  
 Christian Kendall-Daw
Pay & Personnel Ali Walton (Chair)  
  Stephanie Ajayi  
  Mathew Koster-Marcon
  Rachel Jones  
Curriculum Lavinia Pashley (Chair)  
  Stephanie Ajayi  
  Rachel Jones  
  Clair Couch  
  Marcus Guy  
  Nora Wilkinson  
  Joel Kelly  
  Peter Hammer  
 Chris Dickson 
Admissions Lavinia Pashley  
  Stephanie Ajayi  
  Ali Walton  
  Rachel Jones  
Clerk Tara Rodrigues  




Panel   Governors
Staff Dismissal Panel Richard Frank, Lavinia Pashley
Staff Dismissal Appeals Ali Walton, 
Performance Management Appeals Paul Camus, Richard Frank
Pupil Discipline Stephanie Ajayi, 
Pay Committee Richard Frank, Heidi Swindenbank
Leadership Appraisal Group Stephanie Ajayi, Richard Frank


In order to comply with Department for Education regulations regarding the information a school must publish on their website, none of the above Governors have declared a conflict of interests with their business or financial affairs. Rev Richard Frank is also a Governor at Worple Primary School.





Timetable of Governors' meetings


Wednesday 2nd October 2019
Wednesday 4th December 2019 
Wednesday 11th March 2020 
 Wednesday 13th May 2020
 Wednesday 8th July 2020