The Role of the Parents Association


The Blue School PA is an independent registered charity run by parental volunteers primarily to set up and enrich the children’s educational experience at the Blue School.  The charity raises money to fund different projects and purchase items for our children within and around the school.

PA AGM Presentation

Events in 2019-2020

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Who's Who

 The Blue School Parents' Association Executives and Class Representatives 2018/19
 Co Chairs Kerry Pentecost and Sonia Hanfrey-Perez
 Vice Chair  N/A
 Treasurer TBA
 Secretary Martine Clark

Kerry Pentecost

Sonia Hanfrey-Perez
Co Chair

Martine Clark


Mila Fadeeva
Year Group
Class Representatives
Nursery Caterpillars
Alison Batten and Olivia Perez-Cockburn
Nursery Tadpoles  
Reception GiraffesMila Fadeeva
Reception Kangaroos
Gilly Greenwood and Rachel Godfrey
Year 1 Otters
Olivia Perez-Cockburn, Sharlene Tsuchihashi
Year 1 Rabbits
Laura Skinner, Caroline Elms
Year 2 Pandas
Bryony Kite, Lizzie Watts-Russell, Angela Kaye
Year 2 Zebras
Molly Khandan-Nia, Simone Nickels
Year 3 Oaks
Dianna Nakhla, Liz Colgan
Year 3 Elms
Chris Dickson, Naomi Pickwoad
Year 4 Beeches
Georgina Urzi, Jo Proudlove
Year 4 Willows
Beki Chami, Wendy Seccombe
Year 5 Sycamore
Tina Losada, Elaine Hardy
Year 5 Ash
Cynthia Arshy, John Langley
Year 6 Redwood
Catherine Perrin
Year 6 Cedar Debra Lyonette



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All parents with a child at The Blue School automatically become members of the PA.


Laura, Edel Erickson
Catherine Perrin
Catherine Perrin